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Water Source Heat Pump

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Water Source Heat Pump Air Conditioning

Model No. : WCP2.5~WCP45

This Water Source Heat Pump Air Conditioning employs a water to refrigerant heat exchanger to extract heating cycle or reject cooling cycle heat from to a circulating water loop Available with an insulated refrigerant circuit the WCP Series Water...

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Cooling Hot Water Supplying Water Source Heat Pump

Model No. : WW()

Water to Water Heat Pump heating and cooling system Close loop or open loop geothermal heating and cooling system with heat recovery for hot sanitary water the terminal is floor heating or fan coil heating and cooling Ground Water to Water heat pump...

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Multi-function Packaged Water Source Heat Pump

Model No. : WW()

Amrta Multifunction Water Source Heat Pump transfer the heat energy from river lake or underground water into domestic water for daily use They can be applied to ultra cold regions and work more efficiently than air to water heat pump making the...

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Water To Water Source Heat Pump Unit

Model No. : WW()

The Water Source Heat Pump absorbs energy from underground and then transfers it into water It can also take the energy from the water and transfer it to the ground It can supply sanitary hot water for bathroom or central heating cooling to under...

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China Water Source Heat Pump Suppliers
Water Source Heat Pump
Cooling capacity: 10kW-130kW.

1.Panels and frame are made from galvanized steel protected with polyester powder painting to ensure total resistance to atmospheric agents.
2.Hermetic compressor. Single phase (mod. 10, 12,15) and 3-phase (mod.17 to 130) scroll type compressors, with built-in thermal overload cut-out and crankcase heater, mounted on rubber vibration dampers.
3.Evaporator. High efficiency plate type heat exchanger, factory insulated with flexible close cell material.
4.Condenser. High efficiency plate type heat exchanger, factory insulated with flexible close cell material.
5.Desuperheater High efficiency stainless steel brazed plate heat exchanger, factory insulated with flexible close cell material.
6. Refrigerant circuit. Copper tube connection with charge valves, filter drier, thermostatic expansion valve (capillary for mod.10 to 15), gas-liquid separator, high pressure switch and low pressure switch. The heat pump units are complete also with 4-way valve and one way valve.
7.Hydraulic circuit. Built with user side and source side water inlet/outlet connectors, water discharge connectors, air vent valve (mod.10 to 30 the user side is complete also with expansion vessel, water pump and flow switch. )
8. Electric panel. Consists of:
♦ Compressor contactor
♦ Compressor protection breaker
♦ User side water pump contactor (for mod.10 to 30)
♦ User side water pump breaker (for mod.10 to 30)
♦ Microprocessor with function display

♦ Sight glass which must be installed in factory
♦ Source side flow switch
♦ Source side water pump
♦ Anti-vibration rubber
♦ Metallic filter for the water circuit
♦ Heat recovery exchanger

♦ Tube in tube heat exchanger

Water Source Heat Pump UnitWater Source Heat Pump Air Conditioner