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Wall Mounted Fan Coil

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Water Chilled Wall Mounted Fan Coil Unit

Model No. : 34~238KM, 34~238WA

When install the Water Chilled Fan Coil Unit please make sure the top level fo the unit horizontal the drain pan is designed with a little gradient to faciliate drain For Concealed Type Fan Coil Unit it can be with Plenum box or without plenum box...

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Wall mounted Fan Coil

Air flow: 340m3/h-1360m3/h, Cooling capacity: 1808W-7210W

Characteristics of Water chilled type fan coil.

1.Coil: high effi ciency heat transfer performance.

2.Casing: reliable structure and elegant design.

3.Drain pan: special design for no leakage.

4.Motor: high effi ciency and low power consumption.

5.Fans: low acoustic level.

6.Controller: Remote contoller with facile and comfortable

7.Installed on the wall.

8.Maintenance: fan coils and filters shall be cleaned regularly by blowing with compressed air in opposite direction of airflow

Wall Mounted Fan Coil