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Water Cooled Chiller

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Custom Water Cooled Chillers and Heat Pumps

Model No. : WW()

Water Cooled Chiller There are many types of chillers that are used to lower the temperature of water and to cool it but the mainly used ones are water cooled chillers It is mainly used in industries to cool down a large amount of water Water cooled...

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Modular Water Cooled Water Chiller

Model No. : WW80, WW120, WW160

Water chiller is a machine that removes heat from a liquid via compressor This liquid can then be circulated through a heat exchanger to cool other machine or another process steam such as air or process water As a necessary by product refrigeration...

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Modular Water Cooled Scroll Chiller

Model No. : WW80, WW120, WW160

Created with an in depth understanding of all thermodynamic variables involved in managing plant room HVAC Solutions WW series Water Chiller enables optimum control of every device and its integration into a single synergistic system WW series...

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Packaged Scroll Industrial Water Cooled Chiller with CE

Model No. : WW80, WW120, WW160

Packaged Scroll Industrial Water Cooled Chiller is used to provide chilled water and hot water In order to ensure the reliable operation of the unit there are certain limitations of using WW series Water Cooled Water Chiller mainly by environmental...

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Modular Water Cooled Scroll Water Chiller

Model No. : WW80, WW120, WW160

Low Temperature 25DegreeC Glycol Water Cooled Chiller with cooling capacity from 80kW to 160kW This type Water Chiller can be modular type based on different project With Copeland Danfoss Daikin Panasonic compressor Cooling efficiency EER more than...

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Water Cooled Scroll Water Chiller

Model No. : WW80, WW120, WW160

Water Cooled Scroll Water Chiller different with Air Cooled Water Chiller Because Water Cooled Chiller with Shell and tube type or plate type heat exchanger for condenser To some extent Water Cooled Chiller with higher efficiency than Air Cooled...

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China Water Cooled Chiller Suppliers

Reversible cycle Water Cooled Chiller was developed to provide a simple and effective response to the HVAC requirements of residential and small business users, Provide comfortable air in both summer and winter, and create hot water for sanitary use all the year round. With factory completed and tested package accessories, make the on site installation just involves making connections between the main power and water supplies.

1. Water cooled scroll chiller. Cooling capacity 80kW/120kW/160kW.

With high efficiency scroll compressor. Shell and tube type and enviroment friendly R410a refrigerant. Multi units parallel technology, more compressors parallel design to save more power, heat recovery function.

2. Water cooled screw chiller. Cooling capacity 130kW to 2500kW/37Ton to 715Ton.

With semi-hermetic screw compressor for the whole range. Each compressor is equipped with a crankcase heater and a built-in electronic protection with temperature sensor located directly in the motor winding and on the discharge line.

3.Wide application as hotel, apartment, villa, factory, shopping center, office building, scholl etc.

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