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Water Chiller Frequently Asked Question

Q : How to anti-freeze for laser system chiller?
A : Three tips to guard your Water Chiller through winter.
Working 24 hours
Run the chiller for 24 hours per day and make sure the water under recirculation status.
Empty the water
Empty the water inside the laser, laser head and chiller after done with using.
Add antifreeze
Add antifreeze into the water tank of chiller. S&A recommends the antifreeze which is exclusive used for automobile.
Note: all kinds of antifreeze contain certain corrosive property, not to be used for long period. Please use clean pipes with deionized water or distilled water after winter, and refill deionized water or distilled water as the cooling water.
Warm Note: because antifreeze contains certain corrosive property, please dilute it strictly according to usage note before adding into cooling water.
Antifreeze Tips
Antifreeze usually uses alcohols and water as base with high boiling point, freezing point, specific heat and conductivity for anti-corrosion, anti-incrustant and rust protection.
Three important principles of chillers antifreeze need to aware during usage.
1. The lower concentration the better. As most antifreeze with corrosiveproperty,the concentration will be the lower the better under condition of antifreeze requirement meet.
2. The shorter usage period the better.Antifreeze will deteriorate after long time use, the corrosive will stronger and viscosity will change. So need to replaceregular, recommend to replacing after 12 months usage.Use pure water at summer, and replace new antifreeze at winter.
3. Don`t mix up. Better use the same brand antifreeze. Even the main components are the same for different brandsantifreeze, the additive formulas are different, so don`t suggest combine different brands antifreeze, in case chemistry reaction, sediment or air bubble happen.

Q : Tips on Water Chiller Maintenance
A : Before holiday
A. Drain out all the cooling water from the laser machine and the water chiller to prevent the cooling water from being frozen in non-working status, for that will do harm to the chiller. Even though the chiller has added anti-freezer, the cooling water should be all drained out, for most of the anti-freezers are corrosive and it is not suggested to keep them inside the water chiller for a long time.
B. Disconnect the power of the chiller in order to avoid any accident when no one is available.
After holiday
A. Fill the chiller with certain amount of cooling water and reconnect the power.
B. Turn on the chiller directly if your chiller has been kept in an environment above 5℃ during the holiday and the cooling water doesn`t get frozen.
C. However, if the chiller has been kept in an environment below 5℃ during the holiday, use the warm-air blowing device to blow the internal pipe of the chiller until the frozen water defreeze and then turn on the water chiller. Or just simply wait for some time after water filling and then turn the chiller on.
D. Please note that it might trigger flow alarm due to the slow water flow caused by the bubble in the pipe during the first-time operation after water filling. In this case, restart the water pump several times every 10-20 seconds.

Q : Chiller turned on but unelectrified
A : Failure Cause:
A. Power cord is not plugged in place
Approach: Check and ensure the power interface and the power plug is plugged in place and in good contact.
B. Fuse burnt-out
Approach: Replace the protective tube in the power socket on the back of chiller.

Q : Flow Alarm (controller displays E6)use a water pipe directly connect to the water outlet and inlet but still without water flowing

A : Failure Cause:
Water level in the storage water tank is too low
Approach: Check the water level gauge display, add water until the level shown in the green area; And check whether water circulation pipe leaks.

Q : Flow Alarm occurs while running with other equipment (controller displays E6),but there is water flowing and no alarm whten use a water pipe directly connected to the chiller water outlet and inlet.

A : Failure Cause:
Water circulation pipes are blocked or a pipe bending deformation.
Check water circulation pipe

Q : Ultra-high temperature alarm (controller displays E2)
A : Failure Cause:
A. Blocked dust gauze, bad thermolysis
Approach: Unpick and wash the dust gauze regularly
B. Poor ventilation for air outlet and inlet
Approach: To ensure a smooth ventilation for air outlet and inlet
C. Voltage is extremely low or astable
Approach: To improve the power supply circuit or use a voltage regulator
D. Improper parameter settings on thermostat
Approach: To reset controlling parameters or restore factory settings
E. Switch the power frequently
Approach: To ensure there is sufficient time for refrigeration (more than 5 minuets)
F. Excessive heat load
Approach: Reduce the heat load or use other model with larger cooling capacity

Q : Ultrahigh room temperature alarm (controller displays E1)
A : Failure Cause:
The working ambient temperature is too high for the chiller
Approach: To improve the ventilation to guarantee that the machine is running under 40℃.

Q : Serious problem of condensate water
A : Failure Cause:
Water temperature is much lower than ambient temperature, with high humidity
Approach: Increase water temperature or to preserve heat for pipeline

Q : Water drains slowly from outfall during water changing
A : Failure Cause:
Water supply inlet is not open
Approach: Open the water supply inlet
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