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Chiller is Calculated

How to choose the most suitable industrial chillers do, in fact, there is a selection formula is very simple:
Cooling capacity = chilled water flow * 4.187 * temperature * Coefficient
1, the chilled water flow refers to the work of the machine required water flow rate, the unit must be converted to liters / sec;
2, temperature refers to the temperature difference between the machine out of the water;
3, 4.187 as quantitative (specific heat capacity of water);
4, select the air cooled chiller is required by the factor of 1.3, choose Water Cooled Chiller is multiplied by coefficient 1.1.
5, according to the calculated cooling capacity select the machine model.

Water Chiller to go with the general habits on how to calculate the habit of using P, but the most important thing is to know the rated cooling capacity, the general air of 9.07KW look, then choose 3P machine. So on. Therefore, the selection of the most important industrial chillers are rated cooling capacity is obtained.

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