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Chiller Basic Maintenance

Chiller open, stop order to ensure that the Air Conditioner starts to run correctly , you must ensure that :
① Condenser heat well , otherwise they will be cold - condensing temperature and the corresponding condensation pressure is too high , so that the Water Chiller pressure protection device operation while parking , and even lead to failure.
② Evaporator water should circulate , otherwise they will be cold water temperature is low , resulting in cold temperature protection device operation while parking , or because the corresponding evaporation temperature and evaporation pressure is too low , is the low - voltage protection devices chiller operation and parking , even cause the evaporator freezing cold damage to the equipment . Therefore, chillers boot order: ( must be strictly observed ) cooling tower fan open - > cooling water pump open - > cold water pump open - > open chiller chiller shutdown sequence: ( must be strictly observed ) chillers stop - > cooling tower fan stops - > cooling water pump stops - > cold water pump stops

Chiller Maintenance Considerations

① Shutdown, chillers should be shut down for half an hour before work , after work cold water pump shut down , help save energy , while avoiding downtime , protect the unit .
② Run the refrigeration cycle , you should confirm heating cycle pipeline valves have been closed .
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